There is nothing more fun than visiting the beach and enjoying the sun, sea and sand wherever in the world you might be. There are still some fun classic beach games that you can enjoy.

Beach Games

10 Fun Beach Games to Play

1. Shell Hunt

With the rise and fall of tide its always good to explore and make new footprints in the untouched sand as you take a stroll. Its fun as you explore to see how many different shells you can find and try and fill a bucket with them.

2. Sand Castles

For many the whole purpose of visiting the beach is to make the best sandcastle possible. Dig a moat and put the castle on hill. Why stop there! Let their imaginations run wild and watch as the sea come in what happens to their creation. Just remember to get a photo first.

3. Jump Waves

There is nothing more fun than getting wet and jumping the waves come rolling in. Feeling the sea and sand putting around you as you try to stand still as the tide goes back out. Just remember to respect the sea and its turning tides. Better yet use a beach with a life guard presence and keep between their flags.

4. Water Bucket Relay

Kids all love to race about. Give them a relay challenge each with a bucket to fill using a plastic cup. They will love trying not to spill the water and seeing who can fill their bucket first.

5. Hop Scotch

This popular game is easy to bring to the beach. Draw a classic hop scotch grid in the sand and use a pebble and shells as your counter.

6. Bury Feet

Kids will love burying your feet or legs in the sand, maybe even giving you a mermaid tail. You can sit back and relax as they cover parts of you in sand.

7. Drawing in Sand

There is nothing more inviting as a fresh piece of sand that has been uncovered by the tide. Its just waiting like a blank canvas for a picture to be carved into it. Use shells and seaweed to create a masterpiece.

8. 3D Sand Art

Take sand castles to the next level and create some 3D sand art. Use the right amount of water and sand to help compact and shape your models.

9. Bowling

Ball games are popular games to play on the wide open space of the beach. Bowls is a simple game for all ages where the winner is the one who get their ball closest to the smallest ball or ‘jack’.

10. Kite Flying

You can be sure that there will always be some wind at the beach making it perfect for flying a kite.

Beach Games

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