When the weather is good and the kids are off from school it nice to have a bit of fun with food. Here are 10 Summer Food Ideas to make with the kids.

10 Summer Food Ideas

10 Summer Food Ideas

1. Rainbow Wraps

You can add all sorts of shredded salad and fruit to make up the rainbow colours.

2. Rainbow Sandwiches

These cream cheese sandwiches mixed with some blended colourful food really add the rainbow to you meal.

3. Mini Cucumber Sandwiches

These refreshing cool cucumber sandwiches are simple to make.

4. Edible Fruit Fairy Wands

Add what fruit you like to make these edible fruit fairy wand. Perfect for a princess party.

5. Fruity Ice Cubes

These ice cubes add a refreshing bit of flavour plus a bit of colour to any cool drink.

6. Jelly Boats

Perfect for a party and really simple to make. You can even make an alcoholic version for yourself.

7. Pineapple Ice Pops

There are all sorts of ways to make these Pineapple Ice Pops a bit more fun and tasty.

8. Strawberry Mice

These little strawberry mice are great for a themed party.

9. Ice Cubes for Milkshakes

Add a ice cream ice cubes to make a cool milkshake.

10. Chocolate Dipped Fruit Cones

Make fruit more interesting with these chocolate dipped fruit cone.[hr]

What other fun foods have you made, comment below.

10 Summer Food Ideas