Here is some inspiration for some great themed room decoration ideas, whether you have a child on the way or just redecorating your child’s room.

10 Themed Room Ideas

10 Themed Room Decoration Ideas

1. Jungle Theme

Jungle Themed Room

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This jungle inspired bedroom is perfect for boys (or girls if you changed the sign). The natural colours with jungle details create a really cool look.

2. Gruffalo Theme

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Your child will love to join Mouse on his journey through the deep dark wood as he escapes from Fox, Owl and Snake on his way to meet the Gruffalo.

3. Frozen Theme

You can join Elisa and Anna making a snowman in this Frozen themed room any fan would love.

4. Space Theme

Rocket Themed Room

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Blast off into space with this space aged theme any boy would love. Meet some aliens and don’t lose your underpants.

5. Hot Air Balloon Theme

Up, up and away in your balloon bed as you float off to distant lands in this balloon themed room that perfect for any child.

6. Woodland Theme

Woodland Theme Room

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Explore the woods and meet some cute and amazing woodland animals in the woodland theme room.

7. Under the Sea Theme

Under the Sea

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This Nemo and Dory themed room will inspire any deep sea diver that love to have some underwater adventures.

8. Dr Seuss Theme

Dr Seuss Theme Room

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Get lost in the world of Dr Seuss with the Cat in Hat, Green Eggs and Ham and One Fish, Two Fish giving all sorts of unusual inspiration.

9. Butterfly Theme

This pretty butterfly themed room would suit any little girl who loves bright colours and butterflies.

10. Fairy Tale Theme

Fairy Tale Themed Room

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Enjoy a happy ever after ending with this inspired theme room that any fairy tale princess will love.

What other ideas do you have, comment below!

10 Themed Room Ideas