The days are getting long, the clock has sprung forward and its getting a bit warmer outside. After being cooped up through the Winter the kids are inching to get outside. Everyone is ready for some fresh Spring air. Here is some family fun with 10 Things to do with the Kids in Spring.

10 Things to do with the Kids in Spring

10 Things to do with the Kids in Spring


1. Take a walk

Whatever the weather you can take a walk and maybe as a treat take a picnic and find  a nice spot for a bit of lunch.

Plant Veg

2. Grow a garden

Start a vegetable garden or plant some flowers. Your littleone will enjoy watering and looking after their little garden all through the year.

3. Colouring

There are so many adult colouring books that on a wet day spend some time colouring your book as your littleone colours theirs.

Bird house

4. Build a bird house

The birds will love to come and visits if you put a house in your garden for them. You can bird watch from your window and keep track of all the birds you spot.

Chalk Pavement

5. Chalk in the paving

In the garden or on a safe piece of pavement your littleone can draw some lovely big pictures and soon it will be a fresh canvas or they can add to it another day.

Bug Hotel

6. Build a bug hotel

Give those little bug in your garden a new home to come and visit.


7. Fly a kite

Go to the park, beach or a good wide open space and fly a kite.

Measure the rain

8. Measure the rain

Use the wet months to measure the daily rain fall and learn about the weather.

Scavenger Hunt

9. Scavenger hunt

Take your littleone on a scavenger hunt and find all sorts of things.


10. Picnic

Make a picnic and have it anywhere, in the garden, in the park, in the lounge if the weather is bad.

10 Things to do with the Kids in Spring

These are our 10 Things to with teh Kids in Spring. What other things do you do in spring, comment below.