Notebooks are always handy and if you are a stationery love then they are a must-have. There are many reasons why notebooks are lovely things to have and use but there are several occasions where a notebook is essential.

5 occasions where notebook is essential

In a handbag

It’s always useful to carry a notebook and a pen in your handbag. You never know when you might need to write something down. You can write notes to remind yourself later, handy if you can tear a page out for someone else who might need to write something down or even just to have your shopping list in. There is nothing worse than not remembering what you came out for. It doesn’t have to be big there are many pocket size ones but that probably depends on the size of the handbag in the first place.

Notebook in handbag


In a Meeting

Taking notes in a meeting is always helpful to refer back to, particularly when you have covered many subjects. Keeping these meeting notes in one notebook means you are able to look back at the notes you took previously to make sure nothing important has been missed by you or someone else. You then have one place to refer back to when it comes to working on the tasks you need to as a result of the meeting. It’s also handy to have a pen attached to the notebook than with one grab you have everything to hand should you suddenly be called to a meeting.

Notebook in a meeting


Planning a project or special occasion

You might have a wedding to plan, business or home project to do. Whatever you might be planning it is always handy to have all the notes, lists or information you need in one place. That way you can easily refer back to it. It might also be helpful to add an index at the front of your notebook and number your pages so you can quickly find the relevant information.

Project planning with notebook


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Notebook Bookmarks



More than just a diary with limited space to write, a journal in a notebook means you have the freedom to write as little or as much as you want to about what happened on that day. Journaling is a lovely way in remembering a holiday or even what you did last week. Like hearing a song, reading your journal can help trigger lost memories. Bullet Journals are also great for tracking and organising your life on a day to day basis no matter what you do.

Bullet journal tools


Brain Dump

When you have something on your mind and really need to write it down having somewhere to brain dump and clear your head is a great relief. There is nothing worse than getting into bed and thinking about all the things you know you need to do the next day. You can guarantee you won’t get the rest you need or you will have forgotten it by the morning. Having a notebook with a pen handy beside your bed or to carry around with you ensures that you don’t forget anything important.

Notebook by the bed


Notebook Bookmarks are a great way to keep your pen and notebook together and handy when you need them. Find out more here >

Notebook Bookmarks