About TLCM Members Club Challenge

TLCM Members Club Challenge is a monthly challenge with a new set of daily prompts. We’ll follow the set of prompts and doodle to our heart’s content, sharing with each other along the way.

The challenge prompts are completely open to interpretation. Hopefully our with this little bit of daily practice our drawing will get better.

You can find a printable of this for your notebook or journal in TLCM Members Club along with a doodle sheet for the month.

Here’s how it will work:

Each month, I’ll post a new challenge graphic here on the blog, over on Instagram, and within our private Facebook Group. This graphic will contain daily doodling prompts that you can use to guide your doodling.

On Instagram:

  • Follow me (@TheLittleCraftMouse) to be sure you don’t miss the monthly prompts.
  • Share the challenge graphic on your own feed to spread the word.
  • Join in by posting a photo of your daily prompt answers using the hashtag #TLCMMCChallenge.
  • Search the hashtag (#TLCMMCChallenge) and engage with others by liking, commenting, and asking questions.

On Facebook:

  • Join the TLCM Members Club Facebook Group.
  • Check out the pinned post to see the current month’s “Album”.
  • Each photo in the album corresponds to a particular day of the month. In order to keep things organized, we ask that you post your photos and responses in the comment section of the corresponding day’s photo.
  • Engage with others by liking, commenting, and asking questions 🙂

* All prompts are completely open to interpretation — there is no “right” or “wrong” way to participate. Also, don’t worry if you miss days… just join in the fun when you can 🙂