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Are you a stationery lover, self-improver, goal-setter and dream chaser? Are you trying to get organised? Do you want to do it with personality and creativity? Then you are in the right place!

Here at the Little Craft Mouse we can help you to improve yourself, set your goals to help you achive them and help you get orgainsed. You can Get Creative and Stay on Track.

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Meet Kirsty! The face behind  the Little Craft Mouse

Hello, I’m Kirsty, founders of the Little Craft Mouse

I’m a creative stationery addict who loves chocolate and a glass of white wine once in a while. I live in North Devon and I’m a work at home mum. I dabble in different arts and crafts, but there is one consistent thing I have always used.

My bullet journal! It is always there within arms reach.

After being one of those people who’s bag is always full of far too many thing I could never find a pen at the bottom of my bag. I designed my Notebook Bookmark and my pen is now always handily attached to my journal. Before becoming a mum I was a graphic designer and that has naturally lead me to designing printables for use in notebooks and bullet journals.

I studied both fashion & textiles and art & design at school & college and love to get creative. I have always had a passion for handmade and in my spare time, I enjoy arts, crafts, sewing, painting, creative art, design and playing video games.

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