You can make a cute little braid bracelet crochet project with any leftover wool. The braid bracelet makes a lovely friendship bracelet or an added accessory to match another handmade creation.


How to make the Braid Bracelet Crochet Project

You can find the Braid Bracelet Crochet Pattern here.
To start you need some leftover wool. I am using some hand dyed DK wool and 4mm hook.


Step 1

Make a buttonhole.


Step 2

Begin to make a few rows of the bracelet.


Step 3

You now need to make a long chain to be 2 parts of the braid and it needs to join at the bottom with some slip stitches before you come back up with the third chain.



Step 4

Join the loop and chain together and carry on with as many rows as you need to before you cast off.



Step 5

Now you need to braid the three strand together. The bottom joined end will need to roll through the chains. Watch the video if you get stuck.

Step 6

Sew a button on the opposite end to the buttonhole and you have your finished braid bracelet.



Make your own

You can find the Braid Bracelet Crochet Pattern here.

Braid Bracelet