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How to Reduce Dust & Lint in Polymer Clay?

The last thing you want when making your pretty polymer clay creations is to find lots of dust and lint specks or hairs stuck all over your project. Unfortunately, polymer clay acts like a magnet and draws them in to stick all over the surface of your creation. What...

How to Bake Polymer Clay

Unlike many other clays, polymer clay needs to be baked once you’ve made your creation. How do you do that? How do you know what temperature and for how long?THINGS YOU WILL NEED Oven (it helps if it gives you an accurate temperature) Oven tray Baking foil or...

Mixing Polymer Clay Colours

Mixing colours with polymer clay is easy and simple as using any sort of paint and follows the same colour chart principles. The best way to start using polymer clay is with the basic primary colours, black and white. You will then be able to mix any colour you want...

Crochet has Five Health Benefits

We live in a world where we are all constantly told that we need to exercise more, eat sensibly and generally improve our health. Crochet has benefits But do you know that Crochet has many benefits and could help with a variety of different health conditions. It could...

Difference between US & UK Crochet Terms

Do you struggle to read crochet patterns? Did you know that stitches are named differently in the US compared to the UK? A Single Crochet in the US is a Double Crochet in the UK and a Double Crochet in the US is a Treble in the UK.Do you find all the stitch symbols...

Materials you can crochet with!

You will be amazed at all the different materials that you can crochet with. Though if you are just starting out its probably best to start simple with some DK Wool or yarn and a 5mm crochet hook.Watch the video to see what other materials you can crochet withWant...