Though for many Easter is about Chocolate, Bunnies and Egg Hunts it doesn’t have to be all about the Chocolate Egg. You could always make an alternative Easter gifts.

Who doesn’t like a little bit of chocolate at Easter, particular if you gave it up for Lent?

It doesn’t have to be the only gift you give you could make an additional Easter present such as the Mini Bag which is perfect for the egg hunt or just a handy bag.

A cute chick for a little one you don’t want having too much chocolate.

The flower bookmark adds an addition to a favorite new book by the best selling author they love to read.

Spring offers so many possibilities.

Here are some alternative Crochet Patterns to make Easter gifts

Beginner or advance there are a wide range of Simple and Easy Crochet Patterns for you to get your hook into. Perfect whatever the season!

Crochet Patterns for Easter Gifts