The definition of ‘Crochet’ is a handicraft in which you create a textured fabric by interlocking loops of wool, yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook.

However, there is more to crochet than just creating a textured fabric. You can handmake all sorts of woolly creations and it has many benefits too.

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Crochet has Five Health Benefits

Crochet has Five Health Benefits

We live in a world where we are all constantly told that we need to exercise more, eat sensibly and generally improve our health. Crochet has benefits But do you know that Crochet has many benefits and could help with a variety of different health conditions. It could...

Difference between US & UK Crochet Terms

Difference between US & UK Crochet Terms

Do you struggle to read crochet patterns? Did you know that stitches are named differently in the US compared to the UK? A Single Crochet in the US is a Double Crochet in the UK and a Double Crochet in the US is a Treble in the UK.Do you find all the stitch symbols...

Materials you can crochet with!

Materials you can crochet with!

You will be amazed at all the different materials that you can crochet with. Though if you are just starting out its probably best to start simple with some DK Wool or yarn and a 5mm crochet hook.Watch the video to see what other materials you can crochet with!Want...

February 2019 News

February 2019 News

NEW Granny Square & Stripe Scarves Crochet Project is now Live! ‘Get Creative & Learn a Craft’  with this Granny Square & Stripe Scarves Crochet Project you can download the pdf patterns in both written and picture form. You can then follow along with each...

August News 2018

August News 2018

We’ve hit the holiday season and the children have started their six week school holidays. Do you have plans or going anywhere nice this summer? Are you ready for August?Summer Colouring Sheet Talking about the children being off. For five minutes of peace and a...

Crochet Patterns for July & Summer

Crochet Patterns for July & Summer

Are you ready for your Summer Holidays? We are days away from the schools breaking up or have you already got into the spirit of things with the summer sun in this heat wave! Whether you are going away or just having a break from work and staying home, there are a few...