When setting up my bullet journal for March, I wanted to write the month in a brush script on a cover page. I took the time to write the word March in pencil.

Its a great tip – there is no need to rush if you are not feeling confident putting pen to paper.

Once I was happy with how it looked I picked up my pen and wrote it.

I decorated the page by tracing various mini succulent plants from the March succulent theme printables. I coloured them up using my tombows brush pens and added a little bit more detail.

I’m really happy how it turned out! You can watch the full video below.

10 Motivational Quotes for Change

You can print the Succulent Theme Printables on paper or stickers and get creative in your bullet journal too.

10 Motivational Quotes for Change

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What is Bullet Journaling?

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10 Motivational Quotes for Change

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