Are you feeling Christmassy yet?

Halloween is over and winter is firmly on its way. The clocks have changed so the days are shorter. The heating is on and it’s decidedly chillier outside. Along with the extra bit of rain and wind, we seem to have experienced (or is that just us here on the North Devon coast). Time to get on with the Christmas shopping, card writing and seasonal wind up to the main event. I know I haven’t started yet either!

Hello November

What happened in October!

Unfortunately, October was not a great month for me personally. If you saw my last blog post you will know that we had a death in the family. My younger brother passed away quite unexpectedly. It has been a difficult time for us all as a family so it was important to take some time.

You can imagine that because of this things haven’t quite gone to plan for me this October. A big thank you for sticking with me while it got a little quiet here at The Little Craft Mouse HQ.

Regrettably, I haven’t managed to produce some of the new items I hoped and although I have been working some of them they are not to a finished state for purchase as yet. Please bear with me and keep an eye on the shop for anything new that pops up.

I am looking forward and have some great plans which will have to keep for 2018.

Sneak Peek of what I am working on this November

New Doll Design

Finishing Dolls

There are some new dolls in the development. These two are all most finished they just need their eyes sewn. If you are looking for an extra special present then keep your eyes out for this new range of new boy and girl dolls. You can find out more information about all the handmade soft toys here.

Crochet Christmas Project

November sees the start of the Christmas Crochet Project available soon. Here is a sneak peak of the design.

Crochet Christmas Project

You can sign up to receive more information about this and all of the latest new and old crochet patterns designed by Kirsty Pedlingham, The Little Craft Mouse.