With Summer officially over, October sees the change of leaves and season as Autumn is well and truly here. It’s time to think about getting the blankets out or turning on the heating.

There are also some little countdown clocks or week counters popping up telling us all how far away the Christmas is. Sorry I didn’t want to mention the C-word quite yet. Personally, I don’t like to think about it until after Halloween. Many of you are probably a little more organised than me and have already started the present shopping.

Hello October

What happened in September?

New school year

September saw the start of the new school year with both my children settling nicely into a new class with new teachers. Plus for the eldest a completely new school which also means a bit more homework.

Baby Keepsakes

Baby KeepsakesThe month also saw the launch of a brand new website www.babykeepsakes.co.uk run by the lovely Lisa. It has been dubbed the Not On The Highstreet for babies and new parents alike. The Little Craft Mouse is one of many sellers, so it’s a good place to look if you are looking for something a little bit different and extra special for a christening or that all-important first birthday.


October brings us

New Mini Abi Rattle Dolls are in the shop

There are some new bright and colourful boy and girl Mini Abi Rattle Dolls listed in the shop if you got a newborn little one to buy for this year. You can find more information about them here.

Rainbow Colourful Crochet Temperature Blankets

crochet temperature afghans blankets scarfs 1024x512I am finally going to make a start on a temperature blanket for my two children. I going to download the temperature charts for both of the years they were born and make them a  blanket. Will keep you updated on their progress as they grow. You can find out more about Temperature Blankets here and download any of the years you want as the last 120 year are available.

Daylight Saving – The clocks go back

clock changing tips 1024x512

Along with a bit more wet and cold weather, the days are getting shorter as 29th October as the clock change. I always think of this little rhyme to help me remember which way the clock goes – Spring forward, Fall back. It will be nice to have an extra hour but if you need some tips getting children adjusted then you might find this article useful – Clock Changing Tips.

Halloween Costume Ideas


The spooky day is on its way. For the unorganised of you, some last minute Halloween Costume ideas are just a click away if you suddenly decide to go trick or treating.