Hope you’ve had an enjoyable August and Summer Holidays…

Hello September

I took the time to enjoy some fun with the family so it’s been a bit quiet around here what with the Summer Holidays. I use the term ‘Summer’ loosely as here in North Devon we have had a lot of intermittent showers so we took the opportunities where we could.

Holiday Images

Ready to go back to school

Notebook, cuppa & biscuitDon’t know about you but my two munchkins are ready and I am certainly looking forward to them going back to school. I can’t wait to get into a more normal routine. I have however made the most of any spare free time to do some planning in my bullet journal to know what I need to work on.

It’s brilliant having my pen in my Notebook Bookmark attached to my journal so I can carry my notebook around the house and be sure to have a pen or two with it when I need it. I sold some over the summer and I got a lovely review from Helen who had one sent to her mum as a surprise gift.

I am looking to make an A4 version in the future but you can see the latest stock available in the shop here.

4 different Notebook Bookmarks

Also this month, I enjoyed following Kara at Boho Berry with her one month in my bullet journal series through August so if you want to find out more about bullet journaling I would highly recommend taking a look. Check out her youtube channel here.

Have you joined The Mischief Makers yet…

I have opened up The Mischief Makers – a new private Facebook group – you can find out more information here.

The Mischief Makers

New stock coming

Christmas FabricI’ve got new product ideas I have been working on and the new fabric I ordered is all ready to become some great stock items.

As you can tell it has a particular theme (I didn’t want to mention the ‘C’ word just yet as it’s a little bit early in the year.) Though is it me or is it getting talked about earlier and earlier. Anyway, keep an eye out for the new makes coming soon you might find them the perfect gift for when the season does finally arrive.