If like me, you have discovered the Bullet Journal System, then you know that a pen and notebook is all you need to get started…

‘Well what about the hot tea?’ I hear you ask. Normally I need a strong tea because its morning and I’m not organised enough to sort things out the night before.

Pen and Notebook

What is the Bullet Journal System?

The Bullet Journal system was created by Rider Carroll and is best described as ‘The analogue system for the digital age’. It is a system that you can customise to suit your needs and can be your to do list, diary, sketch book and notebook all in one. You can find out how to get started at www.bulletjournal.com

As a system it has really dramatically changed the way I work and get organised. It can also work for anyone from a stay at home mum, teacher, business entrepreneur or financial executive. With so many people using it and customising their journals you don’t have to look far to find blogs and Facebook groups with ideas and suggestions of page layouts. You make it work for you and that is why those that bullet journal love it with a passion… plus also its a good excuse to buy stationary.

Have pen and notebook… ….will travel?

My bullet journal comes everywhere but I got a bit frustrated searching in the bottom of my handbag for a pen each time I need to make a note or tick something off. I decided I needed a pen holder to keep the pen and notebook together. So I found some fabric and my sewing machine and got to work.

Notebook Bookmarks

Designed the to hold a couple of pens with the added benefit to be able to stretch over several pages to bookmark any page needed not just the cover. You can find out more information about Notebook Bookmarks here.

How do you organise yourself comment below…

Pen and Notebook