I love lists! I’m sure I’m not the only person who loves them. The only problem is I have many of them and I keep making them on different bits of papers that end up all over the place. Making a note is a lovely way to get things off your mind and clear your head so you can focus and know what you are doing. Not so good if you end up losing all those bits of paper, plus not so go for the trees!

How to Bullet Journal

So what is the solution?

For me, it’s keeping everything in one place in one notebook, but this is not just any notebook! This is my bullet journal and it holds everything that is important to me.

I discovered bullet journalling back in March 2016 when I was trying to find a way to function as a Work At Home Mum, that would be more than just a diary, a journal, a notebook and be better than having lots of paper everywhere. I wanted something that would allow me to pick up one thing and just go wherever I needed to. To keep track of the day to day thing, still plan ahead and keep me informed of upcoming events.

Yes, I know there many phone apps that also do that but there is something about holding a pen to paper. I feel handwriting is a life skill that is slowly being lost to the technical age.

What is the Bullet Journal System?

Created by Rider Carroll and is best described as ‘The analogue system for the digital age’. It is a system that you can customise to suit your own personal needs and can be your to-do list, diary, sketchbook and notebook all in one handy book.

All you need to start bullet journaling is a notebook and a pen. You can find out more about how to get started at www.bulletjournal.com

It basically works with a key that helps you track the stage of your task for example if its an open task its a bullet point, a completed task a crossed of one and something you didn’t complete an arrow that you forward onto another day. If you also number the pages you can then cross track future event simple by putting a page number and referring yourself back to when you made the note of an appointment.

If you search the internet there are many elaborate and customised ways to design pages layouts and Facebook groups with ideas and suggestions. The whole idea of its being flexible for an at home mother, student or an office executive means you can track what you need to when you want to. That’s why those that do bullet journal love it with a passion… plus it’s a great excuse to buy stationery.

Notebook Bookmark

New Bullet Journal for 2018

Taking of stationary and pens particularly, one of my frustrations was not being able to find my pen at the bottom of my bag. I designed a Notebook Bookmark that can hold a couple of my more regularly used pens plus also bookmark a page I might need regularly. You can find out more about Notebook Bookmarks here www.thelittlecraftmouse.co.uk/notebook-bookmarks/