How to Bullet Journal?

All you need to start your own Bullet Journal is a pen and a notebook!

There are so many different types of notebook out there but ideal you need a blank one or something with a light grid that you gives you a guide, but in really anything will work.

Ideally, all of your notebook pages should be numbered and at the front, you have an index. You then turn to the next page and write in the index what you have used it for, so it is easily found.

You might start with the year at a glance followed by a monthly or weekly spread, possibly with all your tasks listed. Maybe a record of all your pens and how they look when written with. You could keep a written journal of what you did today, write up your holiday plans or just a brain dump to empty your head of all your wonderful ideas.

Because you are indexing as you go, you can just turn to the next empty page, index its use and then you can find it easily when you need it.

The concept of using a Bullet Journal was conceived by Ryder Carroll and you can find out more information here

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Using your Bullet Journal for Personal Growth

Using your Bullet Journal for Personal Growth

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Inside my Bullet Journal for February

Inside my Bullet Journal for February

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Setting up February

Setting up February

When I was setting up my bullet journal for February I wanted to write the month in a brush script on a cover page. I took the time to find the centre of the page and then wrote the word February in pencil. Its a great tip - there is no need to rush if you are not...

Heart Printables

Heart Printables

Use your bullet journal to give youself some love You can print these Heart Theme Printables on paper or stickers to help you get creative in your bullet journal. With these printables you can track your mood, stay on track and give yourself a bit of self care. Plus...

Inside my Bullet Journal for 2020 & January

Inside my Bullet Journal for 2020 & January

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Using Snowflake Stickers to Get Creative in my Bullet Journal

Using Snowflake Stickers to Get Creative in my Bullet Journal

Sometimes mistakes just happen When I was setting up my bullet journal for 2020 and January I tried to draw some small snowflakes. They didn't work and I wasn't happy. So I decided to use my Snowflake printable as stickers and cover up the mistake. I cut them out and...

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