Start a fresh for a New Year

There is something special about setting up a new bullet journal for a New Year and 2020 is no exception. Even if you haven’t completed your previous notebook or bullet journal just to turn the page a know you are starting fresh is very satisfying.

But where do you start?

After you have taken the time to choose that perfect pen or set of pens and decided on square, dot-grid, lined or a blank bullet journal/notebook you need to decide what you are actually going to put into it and how you are going to use it.

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Year Overview

Typically you want to start with something that is going to give you a year overview. Somewhere you can write important dates, such as birthdays, or annual bills.

You might also need a place to write those upcoming appointments that you have in four to six months time.
Eddy Hope’s Calendex System is great for that.

10 Motivational Quotes for Change

Every month

Then for each month you can choose from the below but you will probably need a month overview and a weekly/daily at the very least depending on your requirements.


  • Month Overview – You need a space for each day allowing you to write appointments/meeting etc.
  • Trackers – Anything you want to track such as habits, mood or daily gratitude.
  • Weekly – Breaking down you monthly overview to those few important task, appointment, meetings you have for that sole week.
  • Daily – Each day you give yourself a list of tasks and include the appointments and meetings for that day. Here you will tick them off as you have done them. Here is also where you can add you bit of journaling about your day.
10 Motivational Quotes for Change

You can read more information about How to set up a bullet journal here.

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10 Motivational Quotes for Change

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What is Bullet Journaling?

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10 Motivational Quotes for Change

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