Relaunch Update

I’m not ready to tell you anything at the moment which is really making writing this really difficult because I’m so excited about the relaunch.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already done it, you can join the Little Craft Mouse Community Facebook Group and create a FREE Membership to The Little Craft Mouse Members Club. Then you will be ready when September comes and you can start making new friends.

Don’t forget to invite your friends then you can get crafty together along with everyone in the group

The perfect notebook accessory

We only have a couple of weeks before the six weeks of school summer holidays start. The weather is already great so let hope it lasts.

Whether you need a gift for a teacher at the end of school or are going to journal about your trip away then a Notebook Bookmark is the perfect accessory to keep a pen safe and handy.

There is a great selection of new A5 designs available in the shop all ready to post. You can check out the range of Notebook Bookmark here.

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