Never Lose Track Again

Its always helpful to have a bookmark in place so you don’t lose track of your place whether is a project or task list in a notebook or a reading book you are escaping into. 

What is Bullet Journaling?

All you need is pen and ideally a blank notebook. You have an index in the front and all your pages are numbered. You then use the next page as you go for whatever you need it for be it a weekly spread with all your tasks listed, a record of all your pens and how they look when written with, a journal of what you did today, your holiday plans or just a brain dump to empty your head of ideas. Because you are indexing as you go you can put anything down on your next empty page and find it easily when you need it.

Bullet Journal Blog Articles

February 2019 News

NEW Granny Square & Stripe Scarves Crochet Project is now Live! Early Bird HALF PRICE OFFER - £5 ends 28th February 2019 ‘Get Creative & Learn a New Craft’  with this Granny Square & Stripe Scarves Crochet Project you can download...

January 2019 News

Hello and Welcome to 2019! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Here at The Little Craft Mouse I can’t wait to get going in this fresh New Year. New Bullet Journal I have already started a brand new bullet journal and...

The best thing to pack in a suitcase if you write a journal

Even if you don’t normally journal writing a journal of your days away is a great way to record the thrills and spills of your adventures wherever you have travelled to. So what do you need to pack in a suitcase? There are a few essentials that you need to have to be...

5 Occasions where a Notebook is Essential

Notebooks are always handy and if you are a stationery love then they are a must-have. There are many reasons why notebooks are lovely things to have and use but there are several occasions where a notebook is essential. In a handbag It’s always useful to carry a...

How to Bullet Journal

I love lists! I’m sure I’m not the only person who loves them. The only problem is I have many of them and I keep making them on different bits of papers that end up all over the place. Making a note is a lovely way to get things off your mind and clear your head so...

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