November already what happened to September and October…

I want to reassure you that The Little Craft Mouse is still here!

I want to apologise for my absence

I do however feel the need to apologise for things being quiet around here and on social media lately. Facebook is kindly telling me I haven’t posted to TLCM page for over 80’s days so I know just how long I’ve been away from things.

I won’t bore you with all the reasons and excuses why, but they range from the kids being home for the school holidays, painting my kitchen and spraining my ankle. Thought I am sure the sprained ankle was the main reason. It has taken me all this time to feel my normal self and not some old woman in need of a walking stick! Having slipped on the second to last step down in front of a whole cinema audience, halfway through the film, and having to crawl on hands and knees out of their view because I couldn’t get up had quite a bad effect on me – I can laugh about it now but at the time boy I didn’t think there would be a pain that would rival childbirth. And no I don’t know how the film ended.

My Confession…

During this unscheduled business break, I have come to realise there is more to The Little Craft Mouse than just crochet – I’m not The Little Crochet Mouse after all! I do also have a small confession to make. I haven’t picked up a crochet hook in all that time.

This got me thinking that crochet isn’t for everyone. I have many followers or customers that love seeing the finished crochet items I have made in the past but wouldn’t know where to start with a crochet hook but give them a paintbrush and they are away.

Are you a Crafty Person?

If you are an arty or crafty person, like me, then you probably enjoy more than just one type of arts and crafts; or even you might like to try another different art or craft but don’t know where to start. Then this is for you.

Something New Coming to TLCM Members Club

I hope this is you and that you will be as interested and excited as I am about where I am taking TLCM, along with the changes I have planned. I can’t share the specific details just yet – I’m still trying to figure out how it’s all going to work. But just to tease the idea a little I am looking at offering you the opportunity to learn a new art or craft with a different project every couple of months that you can follow along with at your own speed.

New FREE Mini Craft Course

What I can tell you is I am hoping to have a FREE Mini-Course for you in December to give you an idea of what you might expect from my future courses.

Join TLCM Members Club for more information

I hope this is something you are interested in and want to know more about the FREE Mini-Course and when it is available. If so you can sign up to TLCM Members Club and don’t forget to add yourself to the arts and craft email group.

Existing TLCM Member Club resources still available

If you are already a TLCM member or looking to join then I just want to reassure you that all of the existing crochet resources are still there and will continue to be available to you – as I realise they have other uses within other crafts – something I will be exploring in the future.