This Pumpkin Crochet Pattern is perfect little make for Halloween season or accessory for an autumnal scene.

You can find the free Pumpkin crochet pattern here.

Pumpkin Crochet Pattern


  • 4.5mm Hook
  • DK Yarn
  • Wool Needle
  • Toy Suffing

Pumpkin Materials

How to make the Pumpkin

Work in a round.

Pumpkin Magic Ring Pumpkin Round 1 Pumpkin Round 2 Pumpkin Round 3 Pumpkin Round 4 - 8 Pumpkin Round 9 Pumpkin Round 10 & Stuff Pumpkin Close Hole


Pumpkin Stalk Start Pumpkin Stalk


Shape Pumpkin

Now, insert your needle through the very centre where you closed your hole, straight up through your stuffing, and out through the centre of your magic circle.

Pull with a little tension and wrap around your work. Insert your needle in the same direction straight through again and pull through. (This will give your pumpkin those cute little curves!)

Repeat this wrapping around through until your pumpkin has as many curves as you like. (I did a total of six ‘wrap-arounds’ which gave me six curves around my pumpkin)

Tie off, pull back through to the bottom, and trim any excess yarn. Sew the stalk to the top middle.

Free Crochet Patterns

Pumpkin Pattern

You can find the free Pumpkin crochet pattern here.