Why do you re-skein hand dyed yarn? and What is the point of re-skeining? These are some of the questions I hear or have been asked when using or buying hand dyed yarn.

What is re-skeining?

Re-skeining a skein of hand dyed yarn is not something that you need to do but there are many that like to. By doing it you are distributing the colour of the yarn differently through the skein giving the user of the skein a clearer idea of how it might look once you knit or crochet with it. Many hand dyes yarn sellers like to show their products off to potential purchasers.

You can see how the two skeins look very different when they are re-skeined. You can see the chunk of colour in the non re-skeined from when it was originally dyed and how that colour is spread through the skein after it has been re-skeined.


Skein 1

Not Re-skeined

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You can see how this skein turned out as it was used in the Shoulder Bag Crochet Pattern.

How do you re-skein?

Basically, you are re winding the skein for the opposite end. You could invest and use a swift and skein winder. There are many wooden versions available. Place the skein on the swift and wind the skein onto the skein winder.

Alternatively, if you could just wind the skein around your arm as illustrated below. It takes a bit longer and you have to be careful not get you skein into a knot as you unwind it. If you put two chairs facing away from each other with their back slightly apart from each other then you can put the skein on the backs.

Re-skein on arm

You can find out how to hand dye yarn with food colouring or citric acid and powder dyes.

Re-skein Hand Dyed Yarn