The six weeks school holidays can seem a very, very long six week to any mom, dad or even grandparents with one or more children of school age that need looking after. It’s a lot of time to keep coming up with ideas to entertain them or it can get very expensive taking them for many days out.

Like most parents, who love our children, we all appreciate the need for just five minutes break or just a quiet moment with a hot cuppa.

How about some Summer Colouring Sheets?

Plus it’s great for their fine motor skills.

While you go and put the kettle on, you can also download and print out a set of Summer Colouring Sheets for your little ones to colour in.

Remember it doesn’t just have to be colouring pens; it can also be glue and glitter or all sorts of art media if you don’t mind a bit of mess to tidy up.

Your children could also design their own Beth or Dino Dinosaur.

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Summer Colouring Sheets