It can be a difficult task, even in this day and age, to capture a natural looking good photo of your child. With most of us owning a mobile phone and their technology constantly improving you don’t need a lot of special equipment to get a decent photo.

Take a good photo of your child

Help is on hand with a few tips to improve the quality of your snapshots.

How to take a good photo of your child?

Use natural light

Take full advantage of the natural light coming through windows or even better head outside. No need for specialist studio lighting.

Let them be themselves

The chances of them sat still, smiling with eyes open are very slim. Relax and let them play and you are more likely to capture them playing naturally together.

Be on the same level

There is a better chance of engaging with them and making eye contact if you get down to their level. This means lying down or crouching as they play.

Make it fun

If they are doing something they enjoy they are more likely to be smiling and happy. This helps you get a genuine portrait of them.

Don’t force them to sit still

When was the last time your child sat still? Let them run, jump and move around. You can always crop the photo afterwards.

No need to retouch

Their hair may be a mess or food around their mouths. You are capturing them in their natural state.

Think about the background

Not everyone like the unmade bed or messy kitchen table in the background. It’s personal taste. It might add to the charm of the photo.

No need to flash

If you have got the natural light right you shouldn’t need a flash. Avoid using it as it makes everything harsh and unnatural.

Remember it’s digital

Make sure you have a got lot of space free on your camera or phone. You’re free to take as many photos as you want, need to. You can always delete the ones that really don’t work out.

Take a good photo of your child