Temperature Charts

If you like to make an afghan, blanket or scarf. Crochet or knit, beginner or expert it really doesn’t matter.

Access the last 120 years Daily Mean Temperature Charts as pdf downloads and make your own.

A Temperature Afghan, Blanket or Scarf is a delightful handmade gift for a new grandchild, family member, friend or just for yourself.

Access the Daily Mean Temperatures of the UK for years gone by and make a colourfully personalised Temperature Afghan, Blanket or Scarf.

1896 – 2016 all available to download as pdfs. Temperature Charts are all in °C.

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The data used to generate the temperature charts is obtained from the Met Office Hadley Centre observation datasets. The daily temperatures are representative of a roughly triangle area of the United Kingdom enclosed by Lancashire, London and Bristol. It is the longest available instrumental record of temperature in the world. The daily mean-temperature series dates back to 1772 and is kept up to date by the Climate Data Monitoring section of Hadley Centre, Met Office. Permission to use the data was obtained and all data is © Crown Copyright, Met Office.

My Temperature Scarf

Here is the beginning of my crochet scarf the pattern I am using is the Simple Scarf Crochet Pattern and you can read all about it in my blog.