Even if you don’t normally journal writing a journal of your days away is a great way to record the thrills and spills of your adventures wherever you have travelled to.

So what do you need to pack in a suitcase?

There are a few essentials that you need to have to be able to write in your journal.

Essential Journaling Tools

Notebook – Make sure you have enough pages for stay depending on how packed your trip might be you might have lots to write about.

Pen – Your favourite writing pen that you are comfortable using.

Pen Holder – A Notebook Bookmark or other type of pen holder keeps your pen handy and attached to your journal so you don’t have to search the bottom of your bag.

Spare Ink – Depending on the pen you use then spare ink or another pen might be handy though you might want to make sure you pack them safely in a case the ink goes everywhere.

Notebook Bookmarks are a great way to keep your pen handy when you are on your travels.

Taking a break at home, going abroad, on a road trip, or just when you need handy a pen.

Optional Journaling Tools

Glue – If you are keeping a scrapbook type of journal you might want stick tickets, maps, bottle labels or drawings as you go along.

Scissors – Allows you to cut things out. Just be careful where you pack it and check with your airline at check-in as sharp objects are removed from hand luggage.

Colouring Pens/Pencils – You might just want to add a bit of colour to your drawings or journal.

Other Useful Tips

  • Give a date or day for a new memory.
  • Write things when they are fresh in your mind.
  • Take photos and leave space to stick them in. You could always write the name of the image you want to print out and add at a later date.
  • Draw your own images in your journal.
  • Avoid using ‘today I did this… and then I did that’ as it might get a bit tedious reading back.
The best thing to pack in a suitcase if you write a journal