The Love of Gifts

We all love to receive gifts and it’s lovely to feel the anticipation and see the reaction of our loved ones, as they rip open the wrapping paper to discover the special gift they always wanted, hiding beneath the wrapping paper and sticky tape.

The Love of Gifts

Its a mixed bag of emotions when you receive something you weren’t quite expecting.

That’s certainly the case when I recently received a package with that familiar Amazon logo.

The Love of Gifts

I was all excited at the biggish box that the postman passed me. I couldn’t remember ordering anything, especially something this large.

I felt nervous with anticipation at opening the box and removing the grand load of stuffing paper. Then disappointment after I realised that the two very small boxes inside were toner that I had forgotten I had ordered for my printer.

Large Box

Finally I was full of disbelief that Amazon had packed up these two small boxes into such a large box. Yes the paper and card can be recycled but the toner boxes surely would have fitted into smaller envelops. That way if I had been out when the postman called, he would have been able to post them through my letter box. This large box would not go through my letter box and I would have had to make an inconvenient trip to the post office, which in turn defeated the purpose of ordering online.

Easy to Order Online

In this modern age of technology it has become easy and convenient to order things online from your weekly food shop, furniture, stationery or presents for loved ones.

You want to manage your time and not traipse and trudge around the shops looking for that special item you might not even find. It’s so much easier to spend time online finding the perfect gift to order and get it delivered. There’s even an option allowing the gift be delivered straight to the person you’re gifting and for an extra charge gift wrapped, unless you make the effort yourself to wrap and deliver it.

That One Special Gift

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or another special occasion there is nothing more personal than receiving a neatly tied bow and a nicely hand wrapped gift that time has been taken to choose especially for you.

The Love of Gifts

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