If you go down to the woods today you are in for a big surprise…

Picnics are lovely to do in the summer and a great day out if you go to a park or beach. They are also a great theme for a party for your little one.

Perfect Teddy Bear Picnic

Here are some great ideas for throwing the perfect Teddy Bear Picnic


The most important thing any picnic needs is food. One of the best ways to keep the theme going is to make everything bear shaped.

Teddy Cookie


Buy a bear cutter and bake a batch of biscuits in advance. To add a bit of fun to a party get the guest to decorate their own biscuits using icing, sprinkles and sweets.


Keep the hungry Winnie the Pooh’s and Paddington’s happy with some bear shaped Honey or marmalade sandwiches.


Decorate little cupcakes like bear heads with chocolate buttons for ears.


Decorations add that extra touch, you will feel like you are really at a Teddy Bear Picnic


Lay out lots of picnic blankets for the guest to sit on.

Bee Hive Lantern

Get some paper lampshades (yellow if possible or paint them) and stick some bees to them.

Lots of Teddies hiding

Find lots of teddies and dot them around, peaking out of trees or round corners.

Bear footprints

Make a trail of chalk footprints leading to the destination

Winter Version

Polar bears and snowflakes to make a great addition to the perfect winter twist. Don’t forget the marshmallows on sticks like they have been roasted over the fire.


Sleeping Bears

Basically sleeping lions but they are bears!

Teddy hiding by tree

Go on a Bear Hunt

Go and hunt for the hidden bear.

Hide and seek with bears

Everyone gets a bear and goes and hides with it.

Lumberjacks and Bear

All the children are lumberjacks pretending to cut down trees. Shout ‘The Bears are coming’ and they have to lie down still. Parents walk-through pretending to be bears with all the noises and stomping. Anyone giggling is out and becomes a bear. ‘Back to work’ gets everyone up to start it all again.

Make your own traditional looking Teddy Bear

You can make your own traditional looking Teddy Bear with this crochet pattern.