Toy Safety Directive

The law regarding children’s toys and CE marking changed back in July 2011 and the new Toy Safety Directive 2011 came into force. This meant that all products designed or intended (whether or not exclusively) for use in play by children under the age of 14 are required by law to have a CE logo and all soft toys must be made suitable from birth.

This includes handmade products that also look like toys even if you have specified they are for decorative purposes and not suitable for those under the age of 14 years. The only exception to this is Christmas/novelty decorations although they do have to comply with general product safety standards.

To start you need to get to grips with the Toy Safety Directive and how all toys, handmade or manufactured must comply by law. In regards to soft handmade toys, the standards they all need to comply with are BSEN71 (parts 1-3). You have to ensure all materials and the finished product pass BS EN71:1-3 – part 1 torque and tension, part 2 is flammability, and part 3 is a migration of chemicals. If you contact your local library, they should be able to give you advice to where you will be able to read a copy of the directive.

Handmade Toys

All of my handmade toys have been fully tested to conform with the EN71 Soft Toy Safety Regulations 2011. They conform to EN 71 parts 1-2 2011 and EN71-3 2013 and carry the CE logo on their labels and are suitable for all ages.


Although every effort is made to ensure toys are of the highest quality, if you experience a problem with your product please email me at

Please note:

This page is intended to help others find further information regarding CE Marking in regards to there own products and ‘The Little Craft Mouse’ takes no legal responsibility for the content. If in any doubt about your creations please seek advice from your local Trading Standards to find out exactly how the new toy directive affects your handmade creations.


CE Marked Soft Toy Support Network –
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